Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to Write a Zotero Translator - Print on Demand

After a suggestion from Tom Scheinfeldt at, I've decided to release my open-content monograph, "How to Write a Zotero Translator" as a print on demand book for those who prefer a paper version. The book was originally released as an open-content website by the Network in Canadian History & Environment and is still available on their website.

As Dr. Scheinfeldt rightly pointed out, sometimes it's nice to have a tangible copy that doesn't compete for screen space with your coding work. The book is available for $11.99 through

The content of the print on demand is the same as what's available on the website, so it's up to you to decide which you prefer.

I'm happy to report that several people in a broad range of countries have used the guide to create translators, including some for foreign language sites. If you have used the guide to help you create a translator, please let me know!

To acquire "How to Write a Zotero Translator" visit the product order form on


Seanerino said...

I'm really glad to see you put your book up on Lulu. This is such a great initiative. The book was already an open access e-book previously. It only makes sense to use a service like Lulu to provide low-cost print copies. Hopefully other scholars will take notice of the results of this kind of dissemination.

Adam Crymble said...

Well, as you mentioned on your own blog, the contracts junior faculty members have to sign to get book deals can be limiting in many respects. As an open access publisher, I didn't have those restrictions and as the goal is getting the message out it only makes sense to make the work as available as possible.

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