Monday, January 3, 2011

My C.V. is Better Than Yours

Sure, you may have more publications, conference presentations and funding. You may have a better job than I do or more awards. The contents of your C.V. may make mine seem underwhelming.

But my C.V. is better. In fact, I’m confident that if we applied for the same competition, it would be my C.V. that had the committee members talking over lunch. “Did you see that guy’s C.V.?”

My C.V. makes noise. It moves by itself. It’s shiny.

See why My C.V. is better than yours: My C.V.

I’ve taken up the challenge of Dr. Tom Scheinfeldt in his blog post “New Wine in Old Skins: Why the CV needs hacking”. In that post, Scheinfeldt urged academics to come up with new ways of presenting their achievements. Ways that moved beyond the traditional lists that have largely remained unchanged since the eighteenth century.

So I'd like to extend a challenge, particularly to the digital humanists out there. Let 2011 be the year you make your C.V. better than mine. And let me know about it.


Trevor&Marjee said...

Wow that does indeed look quite fancy! What did you make it with?

Reminds me that needs a fair amount of work...

Adam Crymble said...

Hi Trevor,

I'd say your C.V. - and the fact that it is online - is a step ahead.

I did mine entirely in a text-editor and hand coded all the XHTML and CSS. You could achieve something similar in a WYSIWIG editor like Dreamweaver I'm sure if you don't have a background in website building. Or you could tell Jeremy Boggs to make one for you next time you see him :)

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