Monday, October 28, 2013

Sustainable History: Ensuring today's digital history survives

28 November 2013
Institute of Historical Research,
Malet St, London


How long will our digital research survive? Historical scholarship is increasingly digital; and yet we do not have an agreed form of best practices for ensuring that digital scholarship lasts. Speakers at this one day workshop will share practical advice on a range of pressing issues for historians and cultural heritage professionals working with digital material. From ensuring research data is archived safely, to building sustainable strategies into your project workflows, and even learning from the mistakes of others, this event promises practical solutions for big challenges facing digital scholarship.

Registration is free, but spaces are limited (Register here:

Sponsored by the Software Sustainability Institute, the Institute of Historical Research, the Programming Historian 2, and The AHRC Theme Leader Fellowship for Digital Transformations. 


Registration / Welcome  9:30-10:15am
Keynote Addresses  10:15-11am
  • Professor Andrew Prescott, (Dept. of Digital Humanities, King’s College London)
  •  Neil Grindley(JISC)
Tea / Coffee  11am-11:15am
Session 1: Preserving Resources 11:15am-12:15pm
  • Dr. James Baker (British Library) ‘Preserving Research Data for the Future’
  • Jennifer Doyle (King’s College London) ‘Working with Cultural Heritage to Open Research Data’
Lunch 12:15pm -1pm
Session 2: Working Together for the Long-term 1pm-2:30pm                                    
  • Dr. Gethin Rees (University of Cambridge) ‘Capturing and Documenting Workflows for Historical Scholarship’
  • Mia Ridge (Open University) ‘Sustaining Collaboration from Afar’
  • Claire Donaghue (Imperial College London) ‘Strategies for Working Together on Large Projects’
Tea / Coffee 2:30-2:45  
Keynote Address and Open Discussion 2:45-3:30                                                       
  •  Dr. Peter Webster (British Library)


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