Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day in the Digital Humanities Day

Today, March 18, 2009, about 80 scholars from all over the world who somehow fit into the category of "digital humanists" are recording what they do on a series of blogs set up specifically for the task. The idea is not much different than the "Day in a Life" photo books that incorporated photos from many photographers all over a given country, taken on a single day. This project has been set up by the Text Analysis Portal for Research at the University of Alberta. I'm looking forward to checking out the results and playing with the data sets created by the collective blogging!

Of the 80 participants, I've met two. You can see what they were up to today here:

Bill Turkel, University of Western Ontario
Trevor Owens, Center for History & New Media

Or you can check out the main page for the project.


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